Being a dog groomer there are some tricks of the trade I'd like to share. Lets start at the nose, Bulldogs tend to get dry noses so rubbing a little vitamin E oil on it daily would help.

Facial wrinkles can be cleaned with a baby wipe, if they become really dirty they (and any other smelly wrinkles) should be washed with an Antiseptic/Antimicrobial (human) body wash like "Hibiclens" (Pictured)available at Walgreens or similar stores. This also should be used bi-weekly at bath time for tight tails that may tend to get infected or yeast infected. Any between the toe pimples could also be washed with this at bath time instead of regular doggy shampoo that's used on the rest of the body.We have a female with a tight tail that had persistent problems with that until we started using the wash with regularly at bath time, just in those areas and used just every couple weeks when we did her regular bath. Females also can develop a large wrinkle around their vagina and special attention there as well with this soap should be used at bath time. It was a great find considering that I buy (Pictured) prescription antibacterial/anti yeast/anti itch wipes from the vet and using them a couple times a week we still have occasional breakouts. We even considered having the tail amputated. After the discovery, I began using the wash/wipes on any of our dog's irritated areas and was happy to see it would clear up any issues usually within 24hrs. Maintaining the NuVet vitamins is the main secret to healthy coats and clean wrinkles. Dogs that have itchy reactions after bath can be given Benadryl and bathed in the future with watered down Palmolive dishwashing soap, a teaspoon to a half gallon is usually more than enough soap.

Cherry eye is very common in this breed and most flat faced breeds. The flat face causes a week muscle to not be able to contract the third eyelid properly. Once it gets stretched out over time it often pops the gland out as well causing the "cherry". Eye drops like human artificial tears help keep things lubricated if you notice that eyelid more than normal. Dust and dirt are also contributing factors and should be avoided when possible, clean environments help this breed stay healthy! 

Nail clipping seems to be something all Bulldogs hate. Start clipping your puppies nails at a young age so they learn not to be afraid. You need to have the proper clippers and know how to use them so their first experiences with this is a positive one. Dull clippers will split and forcibly bend the nail, causing pain. Done properly, with the correct tools, it shouldn't hurt. Leave it to the experts if you feel you don't have confidence, they will sense the tension and react negatively to it.  

Anal glands are also a issue that hopefully wont affect your dog. If you take your dog to a groomer be sure to tell them you DO NOT want the glands cleaned. They are super sensitive and once you mess with them they usually get irritated, causing butt rubbing on the carpet. If they are left alone they usually never have to be addressed. If you notice your dog dragging it's rear end around they do not necessarily  need to be "expressed"! Once you start cleaning or expressing them you usually have to do it for life, butt rubbing in between to remind you it's time. It's most likely a tail itch, bullie's have a tail issue 50% of the time. Wash the tail with Hibicleanse human surgical soap (sold at Walgreens)   And ask your vet for the prescription wipes "Duoxo" wipes to treat the tail area every few days between washes...HUGE difference with these wipes! They dont just have stuff to treat the issue but they're the only ones with itch relief, your bullie will love you for getting them!!!!

A healthy,thin,clean house dog usually doesn't need more than a bath every couple weeks. They don't require brushing and if you choose to brush their teeth that would be nice but not usually necessary with the proper diet and chew bones (knuckle bones ONLY for adult Bulldogs).

Proper diet, weight, exercise and attention have a HUGE impact on the appearance as well as the health of you dog. Please remember that all dog's deserve to have a clean environment and be clean enough to have you want to be around them. Any problems that come up should be discussed immediately with your breeder and they will let you know if you need to take your dog to a profesional. The more you neglect your dog's hygiene the less likely you'll want to cuddle him, then everyone looses!               


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