Our dogs live INSIDE our home, sleep with us, and are very spoiled and loved.They go on daily hikes with either my husband or myself, they go camping with us, on our boat and on almost all outings we have a bullie with us. In our town we are known as the "bulldog family". We are not a traditional breeder with numerous dogs that are breeders first and pets secondary. Our vet can tell you about our breeding practices and how we ALWAYS put the girls health first before breeding is considered.The older females will sometimes retire to a home approved by us that will have them spayed and give them the one on one an older dog requires. We have a waiting list for our house trained, kid friendly, loving retirees. We never have more than a few dogs at a time. We never kennel them and therefore can only keep a few to maintain this quality lifestyle for them. If this sounds like the home you'd like to buy a puppy from give us a call to learn more about us!

I have been working with dogs since I was a young adult as a profession. I began as a dog groomer when I was 18 years old at Sherwood School of Dog Grooming in Salinas, CA. When I had my first child I became a  stay at home mom. Originally I raised and bred Miniature Schnauzers. After looking for a new breed that was much more relaxed, didn't have barking issues and was good with children we discovered the English Bulldog. We are an active family with camping, enjoying our beaches, etc so when we got our first Bulldog we were surprised to see that though very mellow at home she was happy to keep up with our family at outings as well.They have become such a large part of our family and have brought us more joy than we ever could of imagined!

 We have four children and our dogs are raised in our home with the kids. Our puppies will be very used to children and exposed to many people to make sure they are well socialized by the time they go to their new homes. If you would like to get a hold of me please call 831-277-1221, or you can e-mail me at jenndorio6@icloud.com.

 We live in Monterey, CA. We often visit Southern California to visit my sister so if you need a delivery to that area it usually isn't a problem. We sell our puppies only to approved homes that have the time and dedication it takes to raise a happy bulldog. These dogs are gentle by nature, very loving, and they want to be with their owners as much as possible. Although bulldogs don't require a lot of exercise they do need to be walked daily and if their not properly exercised as well as socialized they can become a nuisance!

 We will give our vet as a reference, she can tell you how healthy and friendly our dogs are. Beware of breeders that don't want to give out their vet's number. Offering people that have bought puppies in the past as a reference isn't always a sure thing, friends of the breeder could easily pose as a past customer. We take good care of our dogs and puppies and are proud of it.



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