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Our healthy, well cared for puppies START at $3,000.00. This is an average price for puppies from a breeder with our reputation. Please email if you would like to talk about adopting a Frenchie or being added to our English puppy waiting list at

 Bulldogs are a special breed. As with any purebred (and some mixed bred dogs) they do have certain ailments that are more common to their breed.They get a bad rap because, unlike most dogs, they cannot be left out in the backyard to live out the remainder of their adult life after they outgrow the adorable puppy stages and the fun newness that comes with it. They require the constant care and attention all dogs need and desire, but, unlike most other breeds, they WILL hold you to it. Lucky for them, they are one of the most expensive breeds around and because of this, usually the new owner has to think long and hard before buying a bulldog. If left to fend for themselves on a cheap diet in a dirty yard with little attention, no annual vet check ups, dirty bowls with dirty water they will most definitely get sick, fat, rashy, chew up and choke on inappropriate things, and become the disaster of health that plagues their reputation.This is a MAN-MADE breed. It would cease to exist without people purposefully breeding (by artificial insemination)and taking the care to have the puppies delivered by a c-section,because most dams and pups would die during delivery due to such massive shoulders and head sizes being to large to pass threw the birth canal. They are special, they are not the old-fashioned type of dog that lives off scraps and miserably stays in the backyard occasionally getting attention. If you loose interest in your bulldog, you will pay. There are 5 main things I think you should know before you decide if you can handle being a bulldog owner;

1.Vet care: you need to find a good veterinarian, familiar with this breed, and commit to taking your dog in for any ailments and all annual check-ups.

2.Proper and strict diet: You cannot feed them a cheep dog food. They need to take NuVet vitamins daily. We only feed Royal canin Bulldog food to our adults and it is not as expensive as some of the name brands. It has the ingredients and low fat/low grain mix that they require. Even the shape of the kibble is especially made for them because they inhale a lot of air when eating other brands (causing gas) but this particular shape is easily picked up by their very out of the ordinary jaws and eaten without that being an issue. We ask that you maintain this diet to help keep your bulldog as healthy as he/she was when they left here. Overfeeding is one of the main reasons for hip, shoulder, heart and breathing problems. As with humans, a overweight dog is a less than active dog which leads to more weight gain and more problems. I cannot stress this enough, a trim bulldog will be healthier!

3.A clean environment: I wash out my dog's bowls everyday. They live inside my home and always have access to a clean cement and gravel area to relieve themselves, wrestle with each other, and sun bathe.I clean up the poo daily and bathe them and their bedding every couple of weeks.

4.Exercise/playtime: We walk our dogs everyday and take them on outings to the beach, and set up  play dates with other dogs as often as possible. They get knuckle bones(only) to chew on and are always close enough to us that if they were to get into something dangerous we would notice immediately.

5. Attention: Bulldogs thrive on their owners attention and without enough of it they will get into TROUBLE! They are stronger than a lot of other breeds and love to chew when they are bored. Proper training in the beginning will ensure a well mannered pleasant to be around adult dog. It will also be a lot easier to find a doggy-sitter when your away.

I truly believe that most new dog owners go into this venture with the best of intentions. The problem is, when the excitement of the new dog wears off, you can become frustrated to the point of unintentionally abusing the dog. Please consider that if you loose interest, have life changes that don't allow for the time your dog needs, or are no longer financially able to care for your bulldog you need to return it to the breeder. Any responsible breeder will take back one of their beloved babies if for any reason the new home doesn't work out, regardless of the age of the dog.

Notice Dakota's white facial wrinkle below; there is no brown, watery, discoloration. Proper care with NuVet vitamins and the right diet will keep your bullies face clean and non smelly!

$ 500.00 USD

After you have been approved as a buyer you can make a $500.00 non-refundable deposit. To arrange other payment options or if you have any questions, please contact me at 831- 277-1221 or e-mail me at We accept cash, bank to bank transfers, or payment by credit card through Paypal (3% service charge will be added to final pay off price).

We are located in the central coast on the beautiful Monterey Penninsula. Our puppies are raised in our home, with lots of love, not in a kennel. 

All our puppies leave here with all their shots up to date, completely wormed and parasite free with our vet's clean bill of health.


There are "animal shelter nazis" out there that don't want you buying pure-blood dogs. They try to make you feel guilty about all the unwanted puppies and dogs being euthanized every day. If they stop you from producing a litter of 8 puppies, they believe that 8 puppies will be saved at the animal shelter. I can tell you straight away that they're wrong.

Some families WANT purebred puppies. They want them for their traits, their looks and their health... more importantly they want to know where their new family member comes from. Statistics show that I'm right. In 2006, the American Kennel Club registered 870,192 puppies. Given that these puppies sell usually in the range of $500 to $2500 and a pound puppy is around $75, it's clear that there's a strong demand for breeder-raised puppies. So, don't believe it when someone tells you that you are causing deaths at the animal shelter.

To be clear I feel just as badly as anybody for the pound pups. But, it's not the fault of responsible breeders. It's the fault of irresponsible dog owners that don't get their dogs spayed or neutered. This is where the bleeding hearts should turn their complete attention. Of course you can help when you are a breeder by letting  your "pet" buyers know the importance of having their dogs sterilized at the proper age. With bullys this is especially important with the females because even a half bully puppy can easily be life threatening for the mom to have naturally and you can loose not only the pups but your female as well.

We have two puppies available
We have puppies due mid August
 Our puppies are raised right in our bedroom suite! They are spoiled little babies and are treated like part of our family. Our kids love them and help us to ensure that they get all the love and attention they deserve.

Pictured above and below is Dakota. Our adults are our pets first, their health and happiness come before any breeding plans. They live in our home, cuddle with us and our children, and are always available to meet potential puppy parents, we have nothing to hide and you should always be cautious of a breeder that doesn't want you to see their dog's and the enviroment they raise their puppies in.


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