When you pick up your new puppy from Seaside English Bulldogs it will have had at least it's first set of booster shots and it's first worming as well. Depending on it's age it will have had all appropriate shots. We will let you know when he/she will be due for follow up. You will need to find a vet in your area and please keep in mind that English Bulldogs are a very special breed and that it is important to find a vet that has experience with this breed.You can save yourself a lot of money and heartache with a vet that knows this breed.

 We will ask that you continue feeding the NuVet vitamins as well as a high quality puppy food. (The vitamins can be ordered IN ADVANCE BEFORE PUPPY COMES HOME). Look on the "nutrition" page for ordering information. If you suddenly change their diet it will cause the runs and no one wants to deal with that! When we wean our pups and they go to their new homes they are being fed three times a day, morning, noon, and night, keep in mind the earlier in the evening you feed him his last meal the earlier he's gonna poopoo. You don't want him going in his kennel or crying to get let out when your already down for the night. We usually feed them their last meal at 5pm. Please have a fresh supply of water available at all times as well. Please do not ever feed wet/canned puppy food they love it but it's messy, causes the runs, is expensive, and very addictive to puppies.Words I live by with a house full of English Bulldogs- feeding only dry Royal Canine Bulldog foof will help with gas. Don't start giving the pup table scraps to early, it will cause an upset tummy, it will also teach your dog to beg humans for their food. If they have never had it, they can't miss it. Do yourself a favor and feed your dog outside while you eat, avoid gas issues and have a well mannered dog around the table. We feed our adult dogs Royal Canin Bulldog food.It is specially formulated and meets all the special needs their special bodies have.

 You'll need a crate to get the puppy home, when you leave it alone, and to sleep in at night. A lot of people think this is cruel but it comes naturally to them to want a "den" and a crate is a great substitute. Our dogs go to it just to get away from things when they need a break, they sleep in them (helpful when you need a overnight sitter for your dog) and mostly it keeps them SAFE when you can't watch them.The best most cost effective crates to buy when purchasing a PUPPY come with an adjustable separating wall, allowing you to make the kennel size larger as the puppy grows or you can borrow or buy a used small one to begin with,they'll grow out of it fast. You want it small enough for them to turn around in but not big enough to soil one side and sleep on the other. They won't soil their bed, this is how you begin teaching them to potty train. Use a water bottle (rabbit size) hooked to the outside of the kennel (always give him access to fresh water) and if you choose to put the food dish in there as well buy one that hooks to the side wall. They will play with, spill and possibly poo in any dishes left on the floor of the kennel. DO NOT use the kennel for punishment, this only makes them resent it. 

Whenever they are left alone pups may get bored or lonely and they cry for help. Help them out by providing lots of toys, chew toys work best. When your puppy is small you can choose from a lot of different ones, as they get older ONLY give them knuckle bones, flavored if you like. They will have powerful jaws and can easily shred most rawhide, plastic, or just about any toy they sell.They can get pieces stuck in their airways and choke, we ONLY give our adults knuckle bones, they love them. They will be teething for at least the first year, be careful of what they can get to, electrical cords can be deadly, for example.

We have had at least a couple puppies/new owners that started off to a rocky start. Some puppies have a difficult time adjusting and therefore take longer to potty train and or bond with their new owners. We will be there for questions and possible solutions to work threw this trouble. Both these owners have owned dogs in the past but felt frustrated with their new puppy and it's unwillingness to bond, as a breeder this was heartbreaking for me as well. After some time, lots of trouble shooting, and mostly patience, we have had success in the new puppies fitting in and beginning to learn age appropriate obedience. A lesson to be learned: different pups will always have different personalities and therefore go at their own pace when adjusting to a new home. Please be patient and don't forget I'm ALWAYS a phone call away!

 Please e-mail us pictures of you with your new baby, we loved them first and we'll miss them dearly!

Pictured below is "Dixie" cooling off in a doggy pool we bought at Petsmart. This is an exellent way for heat sensitive English Bulldogs to cool off and get something to drink too! Please make a doggy pool available for your dogs on hot days, they'll learn to love it. Watch young pups when at the pool until they learn to get in and out with ease. Real swimming pools can be deadly because Bulldogs CANNOT swim.


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